Our Woven Patch Supports Personalisation.
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    Our Woven Patch Supports Personalisation

    Update time: 2024-05-10 13:48:50
    A Woven Patch is a piece of cloth that has the pattern woven out of it, and the pattern is integral to the piece of cloth. This type of fabric label can be very detailed, even almost identical to patterns printed on paper, and there are many that use intricate colourways with metallic lines that are off-white. However, due to the nature of its texture, it tends to break with frequent rubbing.

    For example, Woven Patch technology is used in baseball caps, with a text version of the "patch" sewn on the front of the cap, and delicate embroidery, showing the brand's tone.

    Woven Patch has a wide range of applications in apparel and accessories due to its unique craftsmanship and visual effect.


    Integration of the pattern into the fabric piece: The most notable feature of the Woven Patch is that the pattern is woven directly onto the fabric piece, which means that the pattern is integrated into the fabric piece without an additional printing or embroidery process. This integrated design makes the cloth label more durable and the pattern less likely to fall off or be damaged.

    High level of pattern finesse: Due to the knitting technology used in Woven Patch, the pattern can be very fine, even to the point of achieving a level of finesse similar to that of a pattern printed on paper. This allows Woven Patch to present intricate patterns and meticulous details, adding a unique visual appeal to the product.

    Variety of colours: Woven Patch supports a wide range of colour combinations and combinations, enabling the creation of colourful fabric labels. This makes Woven Patch more flexible in expressing brand or product characteristics, and can meet the needs of different customers.

    Strong durability: Since the pattern of Woven Patch is woven directly onto the fabric piece, it has high durability. Even after a long time of use and washing, the pattern can still remain clear and intact, and is not easy to fall off or be damaged.

    Highly customizable: Woven Patch can be personalized according to customer's needs, including customization of patterns, text, colours and so on. This makes Woven Patch highly flexible and adaptable in brand promotion and product identification.

    We understand that every customer has unique tastes and needs, so our Woven Patch supports personalisation. You can create a unique Woven Patch according to your own preferences and needs by choosing the pattern, text, colour, etc. Whether it's a brand logo, a team badge or a personalised decoration, we can satisfy your customisation needs and make your products more unique and outstanding.

    In order to meet the bulk demand of our customers, we have efficient production capacity and flexible delivery cycle. No matter how many quantities of Woven Patch you need, we can complete the production in a short time and deliver them to you on time. We co-operate with a number of logistics companies to ensure that the products can be delivered to their destinations quickly and safely to meet your urgent needs.

    We focus on customer experience and provide professional services throughout the worry-free process. From consultation, design to production and delivery, our professional team will provide you with guidance and support throughout the process. If you encounter any problems in the process of customisation or use, we will provide you with timely answers and assistance. We are committed to becoming your trusted partner to create more exciting.

    Choosing our Woven Patch, you will get high quality products, personalised customisation, efficient production and professional service.
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